Lumen dating app contact number

lumen dating app contact number

Is lumen dating registered in the UK?

Lumen Dating is an app and website owned and operated by Lumen Dating App Ltd and registered in England. Is Lumen Dating safe? Lumen Dating acknowledges that scanning is an issue in the dating market.

What is the verification process of Lumen dating?

The verification process includes the team of the app to examine and verify your pictures. The first form of verification occurs when you take a picture of your face. It does not get uploaded on your profile on the Lumen Dating app but remains encrypted data. The app has an extremely user-friendly interface for seniors.

Is lumen a good dating app for seniors?

Therefore, everyone who wants to join Lumen must verify their photo and profile. This is probably the only dating app that requires every member to become a verified member.” (Jade Seashell) “Founders of Lumen genuinely care about senior singles and understand the needs of seniors looking for love.

How do I contact lumen app support?

We would be very glad to support you with any queries regarding your subscriptions or refunds. Please do reach out to our Community Support team via email at

What is lumen dating site?

Welcome to Lumen Dating Site! We know it can be hard to enter the dating world for singles over 50. So, we launched this dating platform with the aim to meet the demand for singles over 50 that want to start online dating.

What is lumen app?

Named Lumen, the app is headed up by Antoine Argouges, a former product developer for dating apps, and Charly Lester, a dating industry expert. Lumen is designed to provide a safe and age-appropriate dating community.

How much does lumen cost?

In comparison to other providers Lumen is free of charge. It is free to download and use the Lumen app for both Android and Apple users. All of its main features are available even for standard users, making it budget-friendly. However, although the app allows everyone to use its features, there are limitations to how much you can enjoy.

Is it safe to date on levellumen?

Lumen is designed to provide a safe and age-appropriate dating community. For instance, when someone sets up a profile, they are required to upload a selfie as part of the verification process with an algorithm authenticating this image against other pictures provided.

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