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Is a Bitly link a scam?

Many companies use Bitly links for their own needs, and if a company you know and trust uses Bitly for its own links, you’re more likely to believe that it’s not a scam. But while links do a good job of hiding, they can also be unhidden, and the game of hide and seek can be ended by unmasking a Bitly link. How to unmask a Bitly link

Did You Know you can Bitly a link?

“Skype” them. But here’s an example you may not be so familiar with; has anyone ever asked you to Bitly a link?Simply put, Bitly is a free online application that allows you to shorten long URLs to as little as 14 characters. This tool is especially handy for Twitter users who are limited to only 140 characters per post.

How do I check the domain of a Bitly link?

Ultimately, if you get a Bitly link sent to your messages and you can’t do the typical “check the domain” thing, check the Bitly link by adding + to the end of the URL, and then look at the domain. If the domain doesn’t seem right, don’t even think to click on the link.

How do I sign up for a Bitly account?

Visit and sign-up for your free account. Copy any URL you’d like to shorten and paste it in the top-right of your screen

Is Bitly a scam or not?

Or in other words, scammers are trying to tell you that their scam isn’t a scam. To do this, scammers are turning to short link generators like Bitly (, one of the more popular web services used to cut down the size of URLs and make them easier to share.

Will scammers stop using Bitly to hide links?

It’s unlikely scammers will stop using Bitly to hide their links, though the fact that you can check their legitimacy is helpful. Given this development, however, we can’t imagine scammers will stop using short URL generators like Bitly in their phishing attempts.

What is a Bitly phishing email?

Other limited account scare emails have Bitly phishing links as well. Fake bank and/or credit card emails are common. Deception or inaccurate links in social posts such as a Bitly link in a YouTube description that says the link goes to a web address that it does not.

What is Bitly link?

bitly link is the product link on the website and this website is totally scam and do not send out customer orders at all, it is endanger for the public who do not know about this. Definitely need to remove this Bitly Link.

Does Bitly pay you?

Bitly is, like so many other tools, a freemium service. The basic functionality — creating and sharing multiple links — is free, but if you want the real exciting stuff, you’ve got to pay. A lot!...

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