Cal poly pomona dating

cal poly pomona dating

How can I get help with online student affairs at Cal Poly Pomona?

Cal Poly Pomona remains committed to keeping students engaged in the virtual environment. Visit the Student Affairs Online Engagement and Support website to learn how to access workshops, wellbeing resources, support services and how to best contact departments remotely.

Is Cal Poly Pomona a good school?

Small Class sizes, good professors and some great professors make Cal Poly, Pomona a very good school for the money. Of course, you can find better schools (CIT, MIT, Harvey Mudd etc) but in general they are harder to get into and much more expensive than Cal Poly.

What is the largest gift Cal Poly Pomona has received?

In a message to the Cal Poly Pomona community, Pres. Soraya Coley announced a $40 million gift to the university from philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott. The largest gift ever received from an individual, these life-changing funds will empower Cal Poly Pomonas students success and institutional excellence efforts in perpetuity.

How can I get more information about Cal Poly?

Even with campus operations limited, there are a lot of ways for you to get to know Cal Poly, interact with current students and faculty, and get your questions answered. You can take a virtual tour guided by Poly Reps, our student ambassadors, or sign up for an interactive online information session at .

What is academic advising at Cal Poly?

Academic Advising helps students throughout their time at Cal Poly. From Advising Centers to changing majors to transcripts, Academic Advising helps students get assistance and resources. Kennedy Library provides books, resources, research help, study spaces and labs for Cal Poly students.

How do I find roommates at Cal Poly SLO?

Most first-years find roommates on the official Cal Poly SLO Class of 2024 Facebook page or other social media groups. New transfer students have the option of living on campus and will be assigned a space in a campus apartments, although space is limited.

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