Lay dating rumors

lay dating rumors

Is Exo lay dating Chinese actress Yang Zi?

EXO Lay is allegedly dating the popular Chinese actress Yang Zi, but his fans were more interested in his cats more than the dating rumor! On Jan.22, Friday, the EXO member Lay Zhang and Chinese actress Yang Zi were caught in a bizarre dating rumor, when a random netizen claimed that the two personalities are actually dating.

Why do people tell rumors about each other?

People are more likely to tell rumors that are plausible, and that hinge on the existence of suggestive evidence. For instance, a rumor about a workplace affair will take off if the two people involved flirt in the office, or sit together every day at lunch. Once you determine what is feeding the rumor, take steps to remove it, if you can.

Do rumors get exaggerated over time?

As a result, they can become exaggerated and altered over time. Rumors can involve just about any topic and often run the gamut.

How do you act like you havent heard the rumors about you?

Theres no point in acting like you havent heard the rumors if everyone else in your school or workplace has. Acknowledging that you know a rumor is going around about you is the first step to tackling it. If someone mentions the rumor, you can say, Ive heard that thats been going around or I know what people are saying about me.

Is Exo Lay Zhang dating Yang Zi?

Earlier on January 22, EXO member/solo artist Lay Zhang became wrapped up in dating rumors with the lovely actress Yang Zi . But something caught the attention of fans even more than the idols dating rumors with the popular Chinese actress. It was the curt Weibo response posted by Zhang Yi Xing Studio in light of the various rumors:

Are Lay Zhang and Yang Zi really together?

On January 22, Lay Zhang and Yang Zi were exposed to be in a relationship, just waiting for the official announcement. Although they have no many interactions on the screen, they are both popular stars and have reached marriageable age. If they are really together, fans said they can accept it after experiencing so much shocking news.

When did lay make his debut in Exo?

In2008, Zhang Yixing became a trainee of the SM through the S.M. Casting System in China. 2012, LAY made his official debut as a member of the EXO group and its sub-team EXO-M in April 2012. He founded his solo studio in China on April 8, 2015.

Is Lay Zhang a real idol?

Although Lay Zhang is an idol, he has been worked in films and dramas in the past few years. His outstanding performance in “The Mystic Nine” and “The Golden Eyes” also gained public recognition.

The fact is that rumors have enormous potential to upset things, whether socially or personally. We don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of one, since they usually don’t have good intentions. They are somewhat veiled messages. What are rumors? Normally rumors are oral messages: word of mouth.

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