Dating scan dartford

dating scan dartford

Did you get caught out by the Dartford Crossing scam?

One angry driver was recently caught out after using the site twice in attempt to pay for the charge Charlotte Taylor wrote: Caught out by the Dartford Crossing scam, first result in google and paid £15 now received 2 fines as the money has gone to ‘third party’ scamming a*******.

When is a dating scan indicated during pregnancy?

It is indicated when last menstrual period date is uncertain or for suspected multiple gestation to allow for reliable determination of chorionicity or amnionicity. Dating scan is usually performed around 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. Its used to see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your babys development.

How do I pay the Dartford Crossing charge?

A search for pay the Dartford Crossing charge brings up the website, with a Google Ad mark next to it. This shows it has paid to appear first. The website charges £7.50 for a single crossing fee. The normal rate, paid using the government website, is £2.50, or £2 for drivers with an account.

Is the Dartford-Crossing-charge email address a scam?

The email address used in the 2015 scam ended in “”, while the legitimate one ends in “”. While the differences are obvious when you know what to look for, they’re similar enough to look genuine to the casual observer.

What happened to Dartford Crossing’s tolls?

The tolls at Dartford Crossing in Kent have been replaced with an automatic toll system. First the copycat websites targeted those renewing their Ehic cards and then their passports, or the London congestion charge – netting millions of pounds from unsuspecting consumers.

What is the Dart Charge and how much is it?

The Dart Charge is a fee paid to use the Dartford Crossing between 6am and 10pm. Drivers can be fined up to £105 if they dont pay.

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