Hookup ooma

hookup ooma

How to set up Ooma Telo?

Installing Your Ooma Telo Device Connect Ooma Telo device to your router: The first step is to take the supplied ethernet cable and connect the Telo from... Connect your phone: Connect your existing corded or cordless phone from the phone port on the back of the Telo to your... Power on the device: ...

How do I connect my Ooma to the Internet?

Plug your Oomas To Internet port (called Modem port on the older Hub hardware) into a router LAN port. Plug a phone into Oomas phone port.

How do I set up my Ooma Office base station?

Basic Ooma Office Base Station setup Your device should be set up between your modem and your router for the best connection. Use the Ethernet cable included in the box to connect the TO INTERNET port on your Base Station to an open Ethernet port on your router.

How do I distribute my Ooma signal to my phone jacks?

If your home is completely and physically disconnected from your telephone company’s wiring outside your house, you can distribute your Ooma signal to all of the phone jacks in your house. You will need to set up your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie as depicted in the diagram below:

How do I get Started with Ooma Telo base station?

Once you’ve set up your Ooma Telo Base Station, you can get started in several ways. You can set up your voicemail, visit your My Ooma account, or simply pick up the phone and make a call! For more information about getting started with your Ooma, you may want to review our article on the Ooma Telo Base Station basics.

What is the Ooma Telo app?

The app provides a completely wireless way to activate and set up your Ooma Telo. Not only are we happy to provide customers with a better service experience during setup, but the app also provides an easy way to adjust your Telo configurations any time you want.

How do I Pair my Ooma Telo with my headset?

Place the headset back into the charging cradle. The status LED will blink fast blue and red while pairing with the Ooma Telo Base Station. Once the unit is registered, the status LED will flash blue once every 10 seconds or will light up solid red while the battery is being charged. Pick up the Headset and press the TALK button.

How do I set up Ooma on my phone?

Visit the app store on your phone and search for the Ooma Setup app. Open the app when it is installed. It’ll ask you to enter some information about yourself and your location. You’ll also select a phone number. Plug the included AC adapter into the POWER port. The Ooma logo will blink red for a few minutes.

Can I distribute my Ooma dial tone to all the phone jacks?

Under most circumstances, it is possible to distribute your Ooma dial tone to all of the phone jacks in your home. Before you get started, there are some safety precautions you should be aware of. For more information, please see our KB article. How do I set up my Ooma device to work with a DVR or satellite unit that requires a phone line?

Can I use my Ooma account on my mobile device?

After you install the Ooma app on your mobile device, you’ll be able to use your Ooma account for phone conversations on a smartphone or tablet. Using the Ooma app doesn’t replace your mobile phone number. Instead, the two services can work side by side so you can access both accounts.

Can I connect my Ooma Telo to my phone company’s wiring?

WARNING: The PHONE port on the back of your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie is not designed or certified for connecting to your phone company’s wiring, whether through the phone jacks in your house or otherwise.

How do I connect my DVR or satellite box to Ooma?

DVR and satellite boxes that require access to a phone line may be connected to your Ooma device. Your DVR or satellite box should be programmed to dial the *99 prefix prior to the destination phone number. This will signal to the Ooma device that the call should be optimized for the modem signals that will be sent by the connected device.

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