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How to get to Metz?

Additionally, Metz is served by the Lorraine TGV railway station, located at Louvigny, 25 km (16 mi) to the south of Metz, for high speed trains going to Nantes, Rennes, Lille and Bordeaux (without stopping in Paris ). Also, Metz is one of the main stations of the regional express trains system, Métrolor .

Where are The Mettis lanes in Metz?

Mettis lanes A and B serve the citys major facilities (e.g., city centre, university campus and hospitals), and a transport hub is located next to the railway station. Metz Railway Station is connected to the French high speed train ( TGV) network, which provides a direct rail service to Paris and Luxembourg.

Where is Metz located?

Metz is the prefecture of the Moselle based in the former Intendant Palace. In addition, Metz is the seat of the parliament of the Grand Est region, hosted in the former Saint-Clement Abbey. The city of Metz is divided into 14 administrative divisions:

Who are some well-known people from Metz?

Several well-known figures have been linked to the city of Metz throughout its history. Renowned Messins include poet Paul Verlaine, composer Ambroise Thomas and mathematician Jean-Victor Poncelet; numerous well-known German figures were also born in Metz notably during the annexation periods.

How to get from Paris to Metz?

TGV inOui operates a train from Paris to Metz every 3 hours. Tickets cost 55€ - 70€ and the journey takes 1h 24m. Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from Paris Gallieni to Metz every 4 hours.

Is there a direct train from Luxembourg to Metz Ville?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Luxembourg and arriving at Metz Ville. Services depart every 15 minutes, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 58m.

Where is Metz located?

Metz is a city in northeast France located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers. Metz is the prefecture of the Moselle department and the seat of the parliament of the Grand Est region.

What is the history of the Museum of Metz?

The Museum of Metz (Musée de la Cour dOr - Metz Métropole), in Metz, France, was founded in 1839. It is a labyrinthal organization of rooms, incorporating the ancient Petites Carmes Abbey, the Chèvremont granary, and the Trinitaires church.

What is Metz famous for?

Because of its historical and cultural background, Metz is designated as French Town of Art and History, and has been submitted on to Frances UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. The city is famous for its yellow limestone architecture, a result of the extensive use of Jaumont stone.

What are the inhabitants of Metz called?

The inhabitants of Metz are called Messin (e)s. Statistics on the ethnic and religious make up of the population of Metz are haphazard, as the French Republic prohibits making distinctions between citizens regarding race, beliefs, and political and philosophic opinions in the process of census taking.

Is Metz still in business?

Its head office is in Zirndorf, Bavaria. The company filed for insolvency in 2014 and backed up by new investors now reformed as two independent companies Metz Consumer Electronics GmbH and Metz mecatech GmbH since 2015. 28. November 1938: Paul Metz founds the company.

What are some of the best books on the history of Metz?

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