Fanfiction victorious tori and beck are dating

fanfiction victorious tori and beck are dating

Did Beck want to hurt Tori by kissing her?

Are you sure? Im positive. Ive been waiting to kiss you again, ever since my 1st day at HollyWood Arts. Beck didnt want to hurt Tori, but if this was what she wanted, he couldnt say no.

Why didnt Beck take off Toris top?

Beck didnt want to hurt Tori, but if this was what she wanted, he couldnt say no. He took off her top and before they knew it, the only thing they were in was their underwear, and Tori was in her bra and underwear. He picked her up and went to her room.

What did Tori do when the phone rang?

Tori was sitting on her couch watching One Missed Call. She was half way into the movie when her phone rang. She jumped and didnt even want to look at the screen. Its the main character calling me.

What does Beck say to Tori when she comes to class?

Beck smiles proudly when Tori comes to class on her second day. In the Alphabetical Improv, when Jade tells Tori that it is unbelievable that she is at Hollywood Arts, Beck defends Tori by telling Jade that it is very immature for her to say that. When Tori says that Beck should kiss her, he does not reject her.

What did Beck ask Toris ex-boyfriend at Hollywood Arts?

When Beck finds out that Daniel was Toris ex-boyfriend, he immediately asked what was he doing at Hollywood Arts, instantly assuming a defensive stance for his friends sake. Tori sits with Beck at lunch (along with Cat, Danny, and Jade).

What is the official number for Beck and Toris first kiss?

Official Game: Alphabetical Improv, because Tori and Beck had their first kiss during this game in the Pilot episode. Official Number: 10, because they kissed in the first episode for exactly 10 seconds. Official Color: Blue, because blue represents Becks laid-back, go with the flow personality and Toris kind, care-free personality.

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