Dating royal doulton figurines

dating royal doulton figurines

How old are Royal Doulton figurines?

How old are they? Though the Royal Doulton company itself dates back to 1815, according to Antique Marks, the figurines themselves didn’t make their debut until more than a century later.

What do the marks on Royal Doulton jewellery mean?

There are many Royal Doulton marks to look out for-the trademarks, various base marks, pattern codes and numbers. These all signify the authenticity and value of the piece. Here are some markings to look out for:

How do you identify Royal Doulton pottery?

The best way to identify your Royal Doulton is through examining the markings on the bottom of the pieces. These markings are used to distinguish the decade and the value of the pottery. The markings vary because of the illustrious and changing nature of the Royal Doulton business.

What makes a Royal Doulton second a second?

What makes a Royal Doulton a seconds, is the fact that the finish is not right. The pattern might be off, there might be paint in the wrong area, or the finishing gloss may have even pooled in one spot, hardening off into a lump. This makes every Royal Doulton seconds still a genuine piece.

Do you need a Royal Doulton figurine price guide?

A well-coordinated Royal Doulton figurines price guide is an extremely valuable tool. It would come in handy to establish the value of your figurine collection for insurance purposes. Or, if you’re interested in selling a few figurines, a price guide would be useful. Either way, arriving at their value is key.

When did Royal Doulton start making Williamsburg figurines?

Royal Doulton produced the figurines from 1922 to 1983. The original figurines were crafted from fine bone china, although later (and larger) versions were created with earthenware. During the 1960s, Royal Doulton launched the Williamsburg figurines series to coincide with Colonial Williamsburg’s restoration.

When did Royal Doulton become a company?

Finally in 1901 after receiving the royal warrant from King Edward VII the company began to use the name Royal Doulton. Although the earliest works of the enterprise were industrial wares, by the latter half of the 19th century the firm was developing its decorative lines and in the 1890s the first figurines were introduced.

How many photos are in the Antique Trader Royal Doulton price guide?

The Antique Trader Royal Doulton Price Guideby Kyle Husfloen contains 2,500 colored photographs and more than 5,000 listings. Free Royal Doulton Price Guide Online

What is a Royal Doulton second?

What is a Royal Doulton Second? As a brand and as a company, Royal Doulton has become synonymous with excellence thanks to the high-quality chinaware and porcelain products that they have produced over the decades. If a piece fails any of the company’s quality control proceeders at any point, it is either destroyed or marked off as a seconds piece.

Why is the Royal Doulton figurine called “Darling”?

Viewing a figurine of a little boy wearing pajamas, the queen exclaimed “Isn’t he a darling!” This first Royal Doulton figurine received the name “Darling,” along with its royal recognition. Royal Doulton fine china figurines have always been made of first-quality bone china.

What is the purpose of a Royal Doulton value guide?

Function of Value Guides A Royal Doulton china value guide can serve one of two purposes. Let’s say a collector purchases Royal Doulton England fine bone china, and they wish to insure the items. A well-regarded value or price guide will provide credible information on the pieces’ value.

How many Royal Doulton figurines are there?

The following Royal Doulton figurines represent a sampling of the 4,000 charming figures that have been made in England since 1913. Every figurine is crafted of fine bone china, and exhibits high attention to detail. How to Identify Royal Doulton Figurines Identifying a Royal Doulton figurine is often a straightforward task.

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