Dating anchor hocking mason jars

dating anchor hocking mason jars

How did Anchor Hocking become a glass container manufacturer?

John Gushman, chief executive after 1961, stated that Anchor Hocking “grew as a majorglass container producer as a result of innovations of the glass baby food jar and thenonreturnable beer bottle” (Haas 1970:34).

When was the anchorhocking Mark created?

some bottles or jars between Hocking’s entry into thecontainer field in 1931 and the formation of AnchorHocking in 1937. The mark was also noted by Lehner(1978:62).

What is the origin of the Anchor Hocking boxed anchor?

However, the situation becomes more complex. The Boxed-Anchor became the mark ofthe newly formed Anchor Hocking Specialty Glass in 1987. With that creation, the AnchorGlass Container Corp. needed a new logo. The new “anchor” made from a stylized “A” and “G”was the obvious solution.

When did they stop making Mason jars?

Toulouse (1969a:20-21) and Roller (1983:12-13; 2011:26) described variations of Masonjars and a jar marked LIGHTNING all embossed with the Anchor H monogram (Figure 5). Roller dated these to the 1938-1942 period but noted that production of round jars ceased in1943.

What is the history of Anchor Hocking Glass Company?

The company became Anchor Hocking Glass Company in 1939. The company expanded, building new glass plants in several states. In 1969, its name was changed to Anchor Hocking Corporation, reflecting its diversifying into plastics and other areas.

What is Anchor Hocking known for?

While entire pages could be written about these mergers alone, the company is most known for its Anchor Hocking Depression Glass, known for being an affordable indulgence, and the many attractive glass patterns that followed. Depression glass was known for being affordable.

When did anchor change its name to Anchor Hocking?

This change did not last long, however, as the company quickly realized its specialty, and subsequently changed its name to Anchor Glass Container Corporation in 1983, and then Anchor Hocking Specialty Glass in 1987.

When did Hocking start making beer bottles?

Hocking Glass Company entered the glass container business in 1931 with the purchase of 50% of the General Glass Company, which in turn acquired Turner Glass Company of Winchester, Indiana. In 1934, Hocking and its subsidiary developed the first one-way beer bottle.

What happened to the original Mason jars?

After it was discovered that Masons patent had expired, many other manufacturers produced glass jars for home canning using the Mason-style jar. Patent Nov 30th 1858, signifying the date of Masons patent, was embossed on thousands of jars, which were made in many shapes, sizes, and colors well into the 1900s.

Do they still make Ball Mason jars?

Four years later, the brothers began manufacturing glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household name. Interestingly, Ball no longer manufactures Mason jars, but has expanded and grown into a worldwide company that makes everything from metal containers to aerospace parts.

What are mason jars also called?

Mason jars are also called: ball jars, in reference to the Ball Corporation, an early and prolific manufacturer of glass canning jars. fruit jars for a common content. glass canning jars a generic term reflecting their material and purpose.

When did they stop making lightning jars?

Companies stopped producing lightning jars by the late 1960s. Despite its issues, different companies produced the lightning jar for about 50 years. Hazel-Atlas was a vintage Mason jar brand that created products from 1902 to 1964. While other companies adopted the Hazel-Atlas jar models, they are not to be confused with the original designs.

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