Dating christian mingle

dating christian mingle

Is ChristianMingle a Christian dating site?

Christian Mingles claim to fame is that it has the highest percentage of Christian members of any dating site or app in the world. ChristianMingle is on a mission to strengthen Christian marriages, and it’s doing an excellent job.

Is the Christian Mingle dating app worth the cost?

One of the greatest things about the Christian Mingle dating app is that it’s one of the least expensive options out there. A premium membership right now is under $15 a month. What this means is that getting your money’s worth is a lot easier than it would be with a more expensive dating app.

Does Christian Mingle work for faith-driven singles?

Celeste and Brian’s touching love story is not an anomaly on Christian Mingle — the site has a long legacy of success in the online dating scene, particularly when it comes to the Christian community. Yes, Christian Mingle has worked for many faith-driven singles, and it could work for you, too.

How many Christian marriages begin on Christian Mingle?

29% of Christian marriages that began online started on Christian Mingle. Christian Mingle members have a higher chance of meeting and marrying someone than those on other dating sites mentioned in the survey: 71% vs. 50%.

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