Everything you need to know about dating an aquarius woman

everything you need to know about dating an aquarius woman

How to date an Aquarius woman?

Dating an Aquarius will surely impress you from the first encounter. The rebel in life, she will go to a date if the person who’s interested in her will manage to be honest and keep a good conversation. Dates with her are unusual too.

What is the Aquarius woman’s personality?

Aquarius women strongly believe in evolving with time. She is someone who keeps on trying to learn new things and would try to garner every bit of knowledge possible. The more knowledge, experience, and views they see, the more they understand and the more they evolve. Due to this, an Aquarius woman may completely change herself over time.

Are Aquarius men and women compatible?

Finally, an Aquarian has high compatibility with men with Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius signs. When dating an Aquarius woman, start from friendship, build on it, be supportive, and she’ll treat you with love, respect, and affection.

What should you not do with an Aquarius woman?

In as much as an Aquarius woman is sociable, she’s not into showing her affection in public. Avoid holding hands, and PDA moments, and also avoid paying her too many compliments. She knows her worth and does not need to get flattered unnecessarily.

How to attract an Aquarius woman on a date?

To get her attention on a date, do the unpredictable, like taking her to hear some unusual music or see some cutting edge contemporary art. Once youre dating, avoid talking about future plans since an Aquarius woman loves her freedom.

What are the disadvantages of dating Aquarius woman?

This excessive emotionality may lead to misconceptions and unpleasant experiences. Dating Aquarius woman can be a real burden for a calm and reserved man. Youll have to get adjusted to this intense emotionality and desire to be a turning wheel of the society.

What are Aquarius women’s personality traits?

Governed by Uranus, which is the planet of transformation, an Aquarius woman will always be interested in innovation and revolutionary ideas. There’s no obstacle the Aquarius native can’t overcome.

What is the Aquarius womans relationship with her exes like?

For the Aquarius woman, love is a sort of ideal quality, to be enjoyed and celebrated, not something that turns possessive or jealous. She will talk about her exes and other guy friends, and she expects you to treat them with the same respect that she does, even if they pose risks to you.

What does an Aquarius woman like and dislike?

An Aquarius woman likes very trivial things. She doesn’t expect any person to be a saint but at least honest and transparent with her. Her dislikes are as simple as her like. Let’s have a look. 1. As Aquarius natives are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they don’t like when people judge them for their opinions and actions.

What should you not say to an Aquarius?

Here are the sure things not to say to an Aquarius: 0.1 1. You Shouldn’t Be Alone 0.2 2. The Only Way Is By Violence 0.3 3. I Don’t Believe In Peace 0.4 4. You Can Only Do This 0.5 5. You Shouldn’t Do It That Way

What do Aquarius women think about stingy men?

They absolutely despise stinginess. An Aquarius woman can never be with a man who is stingy. They are not really money-minded people. They value learning and knowledge more than money.

What to do when Aquarius woman ignores you?

Leave her alone. When the Aquarius woman is ignoring you, she is probably unable to keep pace with you. She is bored or uninspired by you. So you need to leave her alone for sometime without overwhelming her with your emotions or trying to manipulate her with dishonest words. Be patient with her.

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