Chef dating tips

chef dating tips

Is it hard to date/marry a chef?

Ok, we all know dating/marrying a chef is hard. The late nights, missed anniversaries and the pressure of work that they bring home weighing... ChefWife, The Simple Definition chef wife- (noun) a woman in a relationship with- although not necessarily married to- a chef. Usually has two careers, her own and of course that of her chef.

What should you do when a chef visits your table?

2 If the chef visits your table, compliment the food. “Chefs are like artists; stroking their egos is never a bad thing.” —Groupie, 21, Evanston 3 Don’t waste time being coy. “Chefs are morons…if somebody wants to hit on a chef they have to be very, very blunt and forward and very aggressive.” —Chef, 35, Gold Coast

Is it OK to flirt with a chef?

4 “Don’t try to flirt with the chef while they are plating food or cooking. They are 100 percent in their zone and won’t even remember meeting you.” —Groupie, 32, River North

Do chefs have a shorter fuse when it comes to arguments?

This is true for all relationships, but especially those involving chefs. It seems they have a shorter fuse when it comes to arguments. They run the show at their restaurant so quickly, thinking on their feet. They dont always want to sit back and talk everything out at home. Talk!

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