When online dating gets you down

when online dating gets you down

How has the Internet changed the dating game?

The Internet has transformed the dating game. Many changes have been positive such as broadening the pool of potential partners and matching people based on preset characteristics. In fact, online dating is now responsible for approximately 20% of marriages! But this article isn’t about the positives; it’s about the negatives.

What percentage of online dating sites are fake?

One study reported that up to 90% of online daters have been deceptive, which is a huge number considering about 50 million people have participated in online dating (Epstein, 2009).

Why are people looking for turnoffs when they date online?

Rather than focusing on a persons positive attributes, online daters are looking for turnoffs. One reason for this tendency is that online dating exposes people to abundant prospective partners. If one partner has too many flaws, it’s easy to move onto the next person.

Is the Internet Changing the way we date?

Change is not always neutral, and so while the internet has reshaped dating forever, some of that change is good, and some of that change is not so good. Here are the main ways in which the internet has changed dating in a positive way: Before the internet, people pretty much dated those in their immediate circles.

What is online dating and how does it work?

This makes sense as online dating allows you to connect with people who are not from your immediate area, which will expose you to people who are different. In this way, online dating is merely another way for the internet to bring us together.

Is social media ruining the way we date?

This is absolutely correct. Social media changed the dating game a long time ago and has shaped an entirely new face of relationships. A lot of old fashioned dating styles have gone out the window, thats totally natural. We evolve, not everything is meant to stay the same, even dating.

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