For honor matchmaking times

for honor matchmaking times

How many people are currently playing for honor?

Fix the matchmaking times. :: For Honor General Discussions Fix the matchmaking times. Theres currently 16,064 people playing, with the game interface telling me theres high activity.

How long to wait for breach to find a match?

It did cause some lengthy wait times until finally placing a few matches. how long u need to wait til it finds a match? Depends on the time really, For me (EU) at prime time takes around 2-4 mins for breach... Currently its 3:46 am took me 9 mins

Is there crossplay on for honor?

We are excited to announce that Crossplay is coming to For Honor on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Crossplay will be implemented in 2 phases, with Phase 1 being introduced on March 17th. Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time.

Is there a for Honor video game?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For Honor is a 2017 action video game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What makes for honor different from other action games?

It also features a progression system for your heroes or characters in the game. You can change their appearance with customization items available at the rewards shop, which you get by playing the PvP mode of For Honor. The gameplay of For Honor is much different from other Action games.

What is the point of for honor?

For Honor. The game allows players to play the roles of historical forms of soldiers and warriors, including knights, samurai, and vikings within a medieval setting, controlled using a third-person perspective . Announced at E3 2015, the game was developed primarily by Ubisoft Montreal and released worldwide on February 14, 2017.

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