Rumor dating ikon

rumor dating ikon

Is IKON’s Bobby dating Lee Seo-Yoon?

It is a common thing for celebrities to get swept up in a dating rumor, and the rapper of iKon, Bobby is not an exception. In 2017, a rumor about him dating model Lee Seo-yoon surfaced on the internet together with evidence of their dating. But, is this dating rumor between iKon’s Bobby and Lee Seo-yoon really true?

Are Daisy from Momoland and IKON’s Yunhyeong dating?

9 Photos. Fans are freaking out over rumors that MOMOLAND’s Daisy and iKON’s Yunhyeong might be dating, but the K-Pop stars have left their loyal followers quite confused after releasing different statements about the rumors. Daisy form MOMOLAND and Yunhyeong from iKON are reportedly in a relationship!

Is IKOO junhoe dating Kim Yoo jung?

Koo Junhoe, also known by his stage name Ju-ne, gained fame after debuting as a member of the boy group iKON under YG Entertainment. As he is a celebrity, people pay attention to his life, including his love life. Many fans are so curious about the dating life that he ends up being embroiled in a dating controversy with actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Is Ikon Bobby getting married in September?

iKON Bobby revealed his future plans with the fans saying that the rapper will welcome a child with someone he has promised marriage in September. He wrote, “I am happy to welcome a new family member, but I feel more apologetic to the fans who must be taken aback by my news.”

Is Lee Seo Yoon Bobby’s girlfriend?

Bobby and Lee Seo Yoon have had many suspicious dating hints over the years, making people doubtful whether she is Bobby’s fiancée. Bobby’s rumored partner, whose full name is Seoyoon Lee Carpentier Latour, is the sexy female lead in Mino’s Body MV… In the event of Bobby’s solo album Love And Fall’s release in 2017, Lee Seo Yoon was also present.

Is YG rapper Lee Seo Yoon dating?

The ever-so-dashing YG rapper has once been candid about his past relationship cheekily saying his fans are his girlfriend! He has also stirred major relationship rumors with a famous model named Lee Seo Yoon in the past two years. Here’s all we know about his past relationship history.

Does IKON’s Bobby give gifts to his girlfriend?

She also added that besides using drugs, she also believed that iKon’s Bobby has been giving his gifts from fans to his girlfriend and claimed that she should not be the only one who has experienced this. Furthermore, the fan even sent a message to Lee Seo-yoon herself on SNS and expressed her anger in the message.

Is Lee Seo Yoon the prettiest person here stands up?

In the event of Bobby’s solo album Love And Fall’s release in 2017, Lee Seo Yoon was also present. At the event, the female model stood up when Bobby shouted, “The prettiest person here stands up”.

Is Ikons Bobby getting married and having a baby?

iKON s Bobby revealed hes getting married and having a baby! On August 20, Bobby announced to his fans on Instagram that hes becoming a father next month, and hell be tying the knot with the person he loves. He further apologized for the sudden news and to fans who feel hurt or confused.

How do you write a letter to Bobby from iKON?

Hello, I’m Bobby of iKON. There was something i want to tell you today, so i came to write after a long thought. I promised to marry someone i love. And i become a father in September. I am happy to have a new family, but i feel more sorry for the fans who will be embarrassed about my sudden news. I should have told you sooner.

Who is Bobby from iKON?

Meanwhile, Bobby (real name: Kim Ji-won) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and member of iKON under YG Entertainment. In 2016, he formed a sub-unit with Mino under the name MOBB.

Is Bobby Lee’s fiancé pregnant?

On August 20, 2021, Bobby told in his hand-written letter that was uploaded on his social media that his fiancé is pregnant and ready to welcome his first child in September. Bobby didn’t mention any information about the wedding details and the name of his fiancé or wife-to-be.

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